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Geneva, Switzerland - 9 June 2015



Geneva, Switzerland - 24 June 2015

29th Session of UN Human Rights Council - China's Human Rights Record

Switzerland, Czech Republic, EU, Germany and U.S. criticised China’s human rights record at UN meeting.

The U.S., Germany, EU, Switzerland and Czech Republic expressed concern over human rights situation in China during the UN Human Rights Council’s 29th Session in Geneva under General Debate, Agenda Item 4 - Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention.

The US Ambassador Mr. Keith M. Harper said, "In China, we remain concerned about increased arrests, detentions and forced disappearances including in Tibetan and Uyghur areas. Draft law could have chilling effect on the civil society. We call for the release of Ilham Tohti, Pu Xhiqiang, Yang maodong, Gao Yu and Liu Xiaobo and urged government to drop charges against five women's rights activist." (> Web-TV).

Statement by H. E. Mr Raimonds Jansons Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Latvia on behalf of the European Union said, "The EU remains deeply concerned by the arrest, detention and harassment of peaceful human rights defenders in China. We urge the Chinese authorities to release those detained for the peaceful exercise of their freedom of expression and association, as recognised by China’s Constitution and under its international human rights obligations, including Liu Xiaobo, Ilham Tohti, Gao Yu and Pu Zhiqiang. We also encourage China to provide legal protection for all defenders of women’s human rights, as we celebrate this year the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action. Overall, China should promote an enabling environment for civil society activity, and in this respect, we hope that China will take into account concerns voiced by the international community about the draft law on foreign NGOs management. Lastly, the EU urges China to address the root causes of unrest and foster dialogue with and between different ethnic groups, especially in Tibet and Xinjiang." (> Web-TV)

Mr. Frank Jarasch, Counsellor and Head of Political Affairs of Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN said, "Germany alliance itself with the statement made on behalf of the EU. Germany is worried about worsening human rights situation in China. We urged the government to immediately release all detained human rights defenders and to stop unduly restricting working conditions of international and domestic NGOs. We remained particularly concerns about the situation of Uyghur professor Ilham Tohti, journalist Gao Yu and lawyer Pu Zhiqiang.

Germany urges the government to respect liberation around the birthday of Dalai Lama in July in order to avoid escalation of protest in Tibet." (> Web-TV)

The Chinese delegation under Right to reply option said, "China resolutely refused unwarranted charges by Switzerland and Czech Republic. These two countries in disregard of their own problems made lots of charges against other countries."



Geneva, Switzerland - 21 April 2015

Be active & join the Campaign for the Panchen Lama

More information on the campaign



Geneva, Switzerland - 17 April 2015

༄༅།  མཚུངས་མེད་བོད་རིགས་མི་མང་དང་ཚོགས་པའི་ཚོགས་གཙོ་དང་འཐུས་མི་རྣམ་པ་ལྷན་རྒྱས་ལ།


ཆོས་རིག་ལྷན་ཁང་ནས་ཞབས་རིམ་གསོག་སྒྲུབ་ཀྱི་གསལ་བསྒྲགས་གནང་འབྱོར་བྱུང་བ་འདི་ མཉམ་འབུལ་ལམ་ཞུས་ཡོད་པས་ཐུགས་ཞིབ་དང་འབྲེལ་གསལ་བསྒྲགས་རྒྱ་གང་ཆེ་གནང་སྟེ་ རིམ་འགྲོའི་སྒྲུབ་ཐོ་དུས་བཀག་ནང་འདི་ག་ལས་ཁུངས་སུ་ངེས་འབུལ་ཡོང་བ་ཞུ། 



Please find here the Department of Religion’s circular (Tibetan only) encouraging all Tibetan to recite the prayers for the resolution of Tibetan issue and accumulation of collective merit.

In accordance with the instructions received from Lamas and deities including the Nechung oracle, every Tibetan is asked to recite six-word Om Mani Padma Hum mantra 10,000 times coinciding the auspicious days of Tibetan calendar. In addition, the department encourages Tibetan community to hold incense burning (sang-sol) and hoisting of religious (lungta) flags in harmony with the corresponding auspicious days in a month.  Moreover, it is requested to say prayers of the two guardian deities and protector of snow land (ma-mey sonam).

Please send us the prayers recitation data latest by 30 June 2015

circular (Tibetan only)



Geneva, Switzerland - 7 April 2015

List of official holidays

01.04.2015 - 31.03.2016

Date Holiday Day(s)
01.05.15 International Labour Day 1
02.06.15 Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment, Parinirvana "2015" (Sa-dha Duchen) 1
02.07.15 Universal Prayer Day "2015" (Zamling Chisang) 1
06.07.15 Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1
01.08.15 Swiss National Day 1
02.09.15 Tibetan Democracy Day 1
11.09.15 Jeune Genevois 1
10.12.15 Coronation of '89 Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1
17.-18.12.15 Nine Bad Omens (Ngen-Pa Gu-Zom) 2
25.12.15 Christmas 1
01.01.16 New Year 2016 1
9.-11.02.16 Tibetan New Year (Losar) 3
10-03-16 Tibetan National Uprising Day 1
22.03.16 Buddha's Great Miracles Day (Chhotrul Duchen) 1



Dharamsala, India - 10 March 2015

Statement of Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay on the 56th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day

We are gathered here to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives for the cause of Tibet fifty-six years ago. We are also gathered here to remind ourselves to carry forward the non-violent struggle of the Tibetan people with great determination, courage and resolve.

My fellow Tibetans, I report to you that the situation in Tibet remains grim but the enduring spirit of Tibetan people is strong and getting stronger. Ever since the 2008 peaceful protests erupted, and the ongoing self-immolation protests throughout the plateau, Tibet is under virtual lockdown. Restrictions on movements of Tibetans have greatly intensified. At multiple checkpoints in major urban centers under constant surveillance cameras, Tibetans must swipe their identity cards that are embedded with sophisticated second generation chips. As one Tibetan has described this indignity: “Your identity card is like your shadow. Without it you cannot move.” The situation of increased restrictions is so excessive that even Chinese tourists have been moved to comment that the present conditions in Tibet are like a ‘war zone’.

[ read more ]



Basel, Switzerland - 7 February 2015

His Holiness the Dalai Lama meets the cabinet of Basel-City State for lunch

Press Release: Mittagessen mit Seiner Heiligkeit dem XIV. Dalai Lama

07.02.2015 (13:58) Medienmitteilung Regierungsrat

Der Regierungsrat hat heute Seine Heiligkeit den XIV. Dalai Lama zu einem Mittagessen im Hotel Les Trois Rois eingeladen. Das Treffen mit einem der wichtigsten buddhistischen Oberhäupter fand in einer entspannten Atmosphäre statt. Die Einladung des Regierungsrates erfolgte vor dem Hintergrund der religiösen Vorträge, die der Dalai Lama an diesem Wochenende an einer Veranstaltung in der St. Jakobshalle hält.

Der Regierungsrat hat heute Seine Heiligkeit den XIV. Dalai Lama zu einem Mittagessen im Hotel Les Trois Rois eingeladen. Regierungspräsident Guy Morin empfing den Nobelpreisträger zusammen mit der Staatsschreiberin Barbara Schüpbach-Guggenbühl. Danach wechselte der Dalai Lama mit weiteren Mitgliedern des Regierungsrates Begrüssungsworte. In einer kurzen Tischansprache erinnerte der Regierungspräsident an den letzten Besuch des Dalai Lamas im Jahr 2001 anlässlich der Eröffnung der Ausstellung „Tibet – Buddhas, Götter, Heilige“ im Museum der Kulturen. Auch heute hätten noch viele Menschen in Basel einen besonderen Bezug zum Tibet. Viele Veranstaltungen zur tibetischen Kultur und Tradition würden noch heute in unserer Region stattfinden. Der Dalai Lama erhielt schliesslich als Geschenk eine mechanische Uhr, die im Oris-Werk im nahen Hölstein hergestellt wird.



Geneva, Switzerland - 5 February 2015

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Basel, Switzerland for Buddhist Teachings and Public Talk – Luncheon with Basel Government

Geneva, 05.02.2015 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama will arrive in Basel, Switzerland on 6 February 2015 for Buddhist teachings, an initiation and a public talk at the invitation of the Tibetan Community Switzerland & Liechtenstein. His Holiness will also meet the cabinet of the Government of Canton (State) of Basel-City for a luncheon.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will arrive in Switzerland on the morning of 6 February 2015, after attending the annual National Prayer Breakfast, hosted by members of the United States Congress in Washington D.C. on 5 February 2015.

At the invitation of the Tibetan Community Switzerland & Liechtenstein, one of the oldest and biggest Tibetan community in Europe, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a one-day Buddhist teaching based on Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhichitta and Geshe Langri Thangpa's Eight Verses of Training the Mind on Saturday, 7 February 2015. His Holiness will also confer the Avalokiteshvara Empowerment on Sunday morning, 8 February 2015. In the afternoon, His Holiness will deliver a public talk on Secular Ethics for Today’s World. The President of the Government of Canton of Basel-City, Dr. Guy Morin, will deliver an official welcome address from the Canton at the beginning of the public talk. All the public events will be held at the St. Jakobshalle in Basel and attended by 7’500 people. Several side events will be offering insights to Tibetan culture, Buddhist philosophy and the Tibet question.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will graciously address the Tibetan community separately on Sunday following the public talk. The organizers are expecting around 7’300 Tibetans from Switzerland and neighboring countries for the audience. The Folklore-Ensemble as well as children of Tibetan schools of the Tibetan Community Switzerland & Liechtenstein will offer songs to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

On Saturday, 7 February 2015, the Government of the Canton of Basel-City has invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama for a luncheon. All members of the cabinet will be present at the lunch.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will leave Switzerland for Trondheim, Norway on Monday, 9 February 2015.

This is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 25th visit to Switzerland, after visiting the country for the first time in 1974.


6 February: Arrival in Basel, Switzerland
7 February: 1 Day Buddhist Teaching, Lunch with Government of Basel-City
8 February: Avalokiteshvara Empowerment, Public Talk, Audience for Tibetans
9 February: Departure for Trondheim, Norway

Website of the event:


Mr. Ngodup Dorjee, Representative of H. H. the Dalai Lama
The Tibet Bureau, Geneva
Tel: +41 79 951 45 19 // Email:
Morning 7 - 8 am & Evening 6 - 8 pm CET (except Sunday: 6 - 7 am)



Geneva, Switzerland - 1 February 2015

Announcement note and call for applications

EU Lobby Training 2015

The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) in cooperation with European Tibet Support Groups and the International Tibet Network (ITN) invites Tibetan activists and members of Tibet Support Groups (TSGs) residing in Europe to apply for a 2-day-long advocacy training program to be held in several European cities in February 2015 in view of the upcoming 10 March commemorations all over Europe.

Tibetans are facing a crucial time in history. There is increasing awareness in the West about the situation inside Tibet and a real possibility for major victories towards fulfilling the hopes of millions of Tibetans.

The 2015 European Lobby Days Training is directed to Tibetan activists and European citizens involved in the Tibet movement. Its objective is to train them to become effective advocates of the Tibetan cause at European level in their respective countries of residence, in particular ahead of the Europe-wide Solidarity Rally for Tibet on 14 March 2015 in Paris.

The training will include a theoretical part on EU policies towards China and Tibet, human rights, recent developments in Tibet, advocacy and communications techniques. In Brussels it will also provide participants with meaningful exposure to the EU political scene and the discourse around EU-China relations and Tibet’s role in it by organizing meetings at the European External Action Service and the European Parliament.

Participants of the 2015 European Lobby Days Training will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with distinguished professionals working in different fields, such as EU-China relations, human rights advocacy and the Tibetan movement. Moreover, they will expand their understanding of the role of activists, lobbyists, NGOs and the media in influencing foreign policy at European level. Beyond this, the 2015 European Advocacy Training Program will provide each participant a rich environment for exchanging information and ideas, and building a network of European activists for the Tibetan cause.

ICT is an international advocacy NGO working to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the Tibetan people. ICT has offices in Washington, D.C., Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels, and partners with the Australia Tibet Council in Sidney.

Practical Information:

The training will take place in three different European cities:

  • Brussels (Belgium), 16/17 February 2015 (applications accepted from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Spain)
  • Helsinki (Finland), 23/24 February 2015 (applications accepted from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
  • Frankfurt (Germany), 23/24 February 2015 (applications accepted from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic)

ICT will be in charge of arranging the program and providing speakers and materials. Participants will be responsible for their own practical arrangements (travel, accommodation etc.) and are encouraged to liaise with local TSGs and Representatives of Tibetan communities for all logistical aspects.

Application Process:

Interested Tibetan activists and European citizens involved in the Tibet movement are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be residents of the above-mentioned countries. Up to 10 candidates will be selected for each training.

Note that the training will be in English. Excellent language skills are required.

Please send your applications (brief CV and statement of interest) to Elena Gaita at by 31 January 2015, specifying which of the three trainings you wish to participate in.

Applicants should include their complete contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and email.

Contact points:

Elena Gaita
Policy and Advocacy Officer
International Campaign for Tibet
11, rue de la Linière
1060 Brussels, Belgium

+32 (0)2 6094411



Geneva, Switzerland - 27 October 2014

Dhanglang Chatrel - Leitfaden geändert, Guideline updated

in Tibetan   in Deutsch   in English



Geneva, Switzerland - 8 October 2014

New Representative of H. H. the Dalai Lama at The Tibet Bureau, Geneva

Ngodup Dorjee took up the position of Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Central and Eastern Europe on 01 October 2014.

Prior to taking up this position, he was the Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the EU, Western Europe & the Maghreb from June 2012-September 2014 in Brussels.

He joined the service of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) in 1982 on the position of Secretary at Tibetan Refugee Service Co-operative Society in Ladakh (Northern India) after completing his education. He rose through ranks and held various positions in Central Tibetan Administrations before taking up the position of Secretary of the Department of Home.

Much of Ngodup’s career was centered on rural development and public administration.

Ngodup worked as Director of the Agriculture Division of Department of Home, CTA prior to heading the same department.

He was awarded CTA staff distinguished certificate for his exemplary service.

He was born in 1956 in Ngari, Western Tibet. He is married with two sons and two daughters.



Dharamsala, India - 3 October 2014

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and CTA saddened by passing away of Ama Wäger

(Ama Wäger and His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Salzburg, Austria, May 2012 - Photo: Manuel Bauer)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration expressed deep sadness at the demise of Ms Imtraut Wäger of Germany, who dedicated her life for the education and welfare of Tibetans in exile. She passed away in Munich on Oct 2 at the age of 95.

In a letter to the family of the Wäger Family in Munich, Germany, His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed his sadness at the passing away of Ama Wäger and offered his condolences to members of her family, friends and colleagues.

His Holiness wrote that in her passing away, Tibetans have lost a friend who, until her last breath, kept the wellbeing of needy Tibetans close to her heart.

He also said that among the many who have provided generous assistance to Tibetans, both young and old, in exile, Ama Wäger was perhaps unique. Not only was she generous herself, also directing the support of many other individuals in Germany to where it was most needed, but she personally visited those she helped in different Tibetan settlements and schools in India and Nepal.

His Holiness concluded by saying that he will remember Ama in his prayers.

In his condolence message, Tibetan political leader Dr. Lobsang Sangay said: “The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply saddened by the passing away of Ms Imtraut Wäger, who is fondly known by Tibetans as Ama Wäger.”

“With her demise, Tibetans lost a true friend who had worked tirelessly throughout her life for the education of the poor and needy Tibetan children and assisted in welfare projects in India and Nepal,” Sikyong said.

“Ama Wäger’s humanitarian work has played a pivotal role in the sustenance of the Tibetan community in exile. She was truly a beacon of light that changed many lives for the better. Ama Wäger’s legacies will be remembered by Tibetans in the generations to come. Tibetans will remain forever indebted to her generosity.”

“I send my condolences to members of her family,” Sikyong said.



Dharamsala, India - 2 September 2014

The Statement of the Kashag on the Occasion of the 54th Anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day

Today, as we celebrate the 54th anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day, the Kashag extends its warm greetings to all fellow Tibetans in and outside Tibet. On this joyous occasion, we express our heartfelt gratitude to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for granting the Tibetan people the precious gift of democracy.

His Holiness’ vision of democracy has been a transformative experience for Tibetans. It fundamentally changed how we Tibetans in exile live our lives and is an inspiration for those in Tibet who live under repression on a daily basis. This historic change is second in importance in its transformation of Tibet. The first having taken place more than 1,000 years ago when Buddhism was introduced to Tibet from India. Buddhism became rooted in Tibet from the 7th to the 11th century thus deeply influencing Tibetan worldview and the social order of the time. Monasteries established during that period made Tibet a centre of learning for High Asia and beyond, as well as a wellspring for Tibetan Buddhist civilization.

[ read more ]


Speech by Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile on 54th Democracy Day

Today marks the completion of 54 years since the establishment of democracy in the Tibetan community in exile. On this momentous occasion, I, on behalf of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile as well as the entire people of Tibet in and outside their homeland, and with unwavering devotion and hope demonstrated in great bodily, speech and mind reverence through countless prostrations to the deities, offer my greetings, keeping in the very centre of my heart the insuperable cause for gratitude borne of compassion we have been blessed to receive from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the Chenrezig in human bodily form, the divinely entrusted protector deity of Tibet, the spiritual lord of the Three Realms, a champion of world peace, the master across the world of the entire corpus of the teachings of the Buddha, the refuge and great leader of all Tibetans, the guide to them on the dos and don’ts in the ways of the world, the symbolic representation and the emblem of the unity of the Tibetan people, and the free spokesperson of the entire people of Tibet.

[ read more ]



Hamburg, Germany - 22 August 2014

Media Release

His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrives in Germany for a six days visit

22 August, Hamburg - His Holiness the Dalai Lama just arrived in Hamburg for a six days visit at the invitation of Tibetan Centre, Hamburg. Members of the Tibetan Community in Germany welcomed His Holiness on arrival at the hotel. His Holiness is the patron of the Tibetan Centre. This is his fifth visit to Hamburg and 38th visit to Germany.

The first public program will be an address by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 23 August on secular ethics - Human life values. Tickets for this event completely sold out two months ago. The total capacity of the hall is 7,000 seats

From 24 to 25 August, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will teach on two famous Tibetan Buddhist texts – the 8th century Indian Master Shantideva’s A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life and the great 13th century Tibetan Master Gyalsey Thokme Sangpo’s 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give an Avalokiteshvara (the Bodhisattva of Compassion - Jigten Wangchuk) Initiation on 26 August morning. Over 5,000 people will attend the two and half days teaching. All the talks and teachings will take place at Congress Centre, Hamburg.

Due to great media interest on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visit, there will be a Meet the Press session on 23 August at noon.

At the invitation of the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology, Society for Threatened Peoples and Tibet Initiative Deutschland, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will visit the exhibition Tibet - Destruction of an ancient civilization on 25 August. The exhibition at Museum of Ethnology, Hamburg displays the life of Tibetan nomads, which is under great threat.

During the lunch break on 25 August, His Holiness will address members of Religion and Dialogue in Modern Societies from the Academy of World Religions of University of Hamburg.

On 26 August afternoon, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will address the 35th and 25th Anniversaries respectively of the Tibetan Community in Germany and the Tibet Initiative Deutschland’s celebrations in Hamburg.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will address participants in the Finding Common Ground - Sino-Tibetan Conference in Hamburg before departing for India on 27 August morning. The conference will be attended by scholars, officials, activists, writers, Sinologists from Europe, US, Asia and Australia.



19. August 2014

Erklärung zu den Demonstrationen gegen Seine Heiligkeit den Dalai Lama

Wir, die Unterzeichner, sind als ehemalige Mitglieder der Neuen Kadampa Tradition (NKT) und ehemalige Praktizierende von Dorje Shugden erschüttert und traurig darüber, dass diejenigen, die einmal unser ehemaliger NKT-Sangha waren, gegen Seine Heiligkeit den Dalai Lama demonstrieren und ihn diffamieren.

Fehlerhafte Darstellungen und Verfälschungen der Wahrheit, die wir ja kennen, wurden veröffentlicht, als wären es Tatsachen. Die Neue Kadampa Tradition tritt derzeit als ‚Internationale Shugden Gemeinschaft’ (International Shugden Community, ISC) auf. Sie erhebt viele Anschuldigungen und Verleumdungen gegen Seine Heiligkeit, die völlig ungerechtfertigt sind.

[ weiterlesen ]



Hamburg, Germany - 21 August 2014

Hintergrundpapier zu den Demonstrationen der “Shugden-Anhänger“

Seit Jahren schwelt ein Konflikt zwischen dem Dalai Lama und Buddhisten, die einer fundamentalistisch ausgerichteten Gruppierung des tibetischen Buddhismus angehören. In 2014 gab es in den USA und Europa, unter anderem beim Dalai Lama Besuch in Frankfurt im Mai, Demonstrationen gegen den Dalai Lama.

Der Dalai Lama hat in den 90er Jahren seine Schülerinnen und Schüler aufgefordert, das Praktizieren des „Dorje Shugden-Kultes“ zu unterlassen, also die Verehrung eines Schutzgeistes, den es nur im tibetischen Buddhismus gibt. Für diese Aufforderung nennt der Dalai Lama mehrere Gründe:

[ weiterlesen ]


Background Information on “Shugden Devotees’” Demonstrations

A conflict between the Dalai Lama and a group of Buddhists aligned with a fundamentalist group of Tibetan Buddhists has been smouldering for years. In 2014, demonstrations in opposition to the Dalai Lama took place in the USA and Europe, also during the visit of the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt, Germany in May.

In the 1990s, the Dalai Lama expressly requested his students to discontinue the „Dorje Shugden cult”, which essentially worships a protective spirit that only exists in Tibetan Buddhism. The following reasons provide insight into the Dalai Lama’s request:

[ read more ]



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